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Lodging on the Island of Tankar

You can acquaint yourself with the original and genuine archipelago lifestyle by spending the night in the island’s guest cabin or in Tankar Inn (former a Pilot Station). Tankar Inn is also an international youthhostel (HI).

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Tankar Inn
In an old piloting station is locating accommodation facilities. Tankar Inn has 8 double rooms, common kitchen, toalet and shower, sitting room. Tankar Inn is a member of the Finnish Youth Hostel Federation SRM. With IYHF-card you will get 10% off the normal price. Price: 110 €/double room and 80 €/ single room, including sheets, tax 10% (extra night -50%). With extra payment: Breakfast 10 €/person, sauna 5 €/person.

There is also a possibility to stay at night on the top of the Pilot Station - room Tower. Price: 180€/double room/ night.    

The Lighthouse master´s house
You can also stay at night in Lighhouse Master´s house which has rooms for 6 persons, 2 x 5 persons room, 4 persons room. There is also a meeting room for 14. Beds are with mattress, pillow and blanket. Price: 90 €/room, tax 10% (extra night -50%)
With extra payment: Sheets 10 €/person, Breakfast 10 €/person.

The guest house
You can also acquaint yourself with the orginal and genuine archipelago lifestyle by spending the night in the island´s guest cabin. It has accommodation max. for 8 (4x2pers.) and beds are with mattress, pillow and blanket. The cabin has cooking facilities, a fireplace and microwave. Price with own sheets or sleeping bag: 100 €/8 persons (extra night -50%), tax 10%, or 15 €/person/night, tax 10%. Notice! Sheets (bed sheet, pillowcase and towel) 10€ /person, tax 24%.

Buy your  accommodation online!
Buy your accommodation online!

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