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City of Kokkola



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vaakuna.gifCity of Kokkola
P.O. Box 43
FI-67101 Kokkola
Kaupungintalo, Kauppatori 5
Tel +358 6 8289 111
Fax +358 6 8289 389

                                               Welcome to Kokkola

               Photo: Joni Virtanen         Photo: Joni Virtanen         Photo: Joni Virtanen

Kokkola is a town with a population of around 47 000. It’s located in Central Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The town is the financial, administrative, educational and cultural center of the region. Kokkola was founded in 1620 by King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden. Due to the consolidation of municipalities the municipality of Kaarlela was incorporated to the city of Kokkola in 1977, and the municipalities of Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava in 2009.

The versatile economic structure is one of the town’s fortes. Its industry and commerce is based the international large-scale industry. The most significant sectors are chemistry, the metal and engineering industry, the boat industry, as well as information and communication technology. Kokkola is also an eminent centre for business and education. As a result of the consolidation of municipalities, the importance of the agricultural industry has increased, and in 2011 Kokkola was the largest milk producer in Finland. The city’s bilingualism provides a rich ingredient that has played its part in promoting the internationalization of the city and its business life.

The population has been grown rapidly within the past few years. There are 46 585 people living in Kokkola at the moment, which makes it the 22nd biggest town in Finland. The total area of Kokkola is 2 731 km2, from which 1 444 km2 is land area. The town’s population density is 31 inhabitants per km2. Of the town's population, 84,2 % speak Finnish as a first language and 13,5 % speak Swedish, and 2,3 % speak a language other than Finnish or Swedish as a first language.

City of Kokkola
City of Kokkola

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