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The Kokkola City Library consists of the main library, the branch libraries of Koivuhaka, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava and Rahkonen and the mobile library. In addition, the libraries of Halsua, Kaustinen, Kannus, Kokkola, Lestijärvi and Toholampi use the same online system with its shared Anders database. The same library card is valid in these libraries.

Kokkola City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone. The library aims at supporting both intellectual and spiritual development of Central Ostrobothnia in close and daily cooperation with Centria Library Kokkola and Luckan, the informationcenter for the Swedish-speaking minority.

All services are based on the concept of lifelong learning and development. The library is the cultural and information service centre in the community. The library maintains and developes services Ostrobothnia residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully.


Books and other materials: Search the Anders Web Library

Books for children and young people

The children’s and young people’s department have a wide variety of books for various age-groups. The collection consists of fairy tales, story and picture books etc. Comics, role-plays, audiobooks, dvds and CD-ROMs are also available for borrowing. The department organises exhibitions, fairy tale hours and other events, as well as training in library use for school children.


Kokkola City Library has books in many languages, most of which are located in the Main Library. The Anders Web Library allows you to search for materials in various languages. In Finland, the Multilingual library purchases books published in less widely spoken languages.

Non-fiction collections

The Library has a wide variety of books concerning many different fields and disciplines available for customers. Most of the non-fiction is composed of books, but information on most questions can also be found through various electronic databases, such as the Periodical Index Aleksi, the Finnish National Bibliography Fennica, as well as encyclopaedia, catalogues and indexes for different fields and disciplines. Some of the above mentioned databases are available through the Internet at the libraries.

Non-fiction (both books and other materials) is organised by decimal classification according to the item's content.

Some of the materials are located in the reference collection. These cannot be borrowed, and, therefore, they are always on hand for reference use.

Historical and other materials concerning the City of Kokkola and Central Ostrobothnia are located in the Chydenica-collection. The material in the Chydenica-collection can not be borrowed.

Music departments´collections
  • borrowable recordings
  • musical scores and notes
  • music oriented periodicals
  • the opportunity to listen to music on their premises
  • musical reference books
  • staff will perform information retrievals from various databases
Borrowing dvds

Dvds can be borrowed only for private showings. Dvd borrowing adheres to library’s user rules with the following exceptions:

  • the loan-period is seven days.
  • the overdue fee: see fees
  • when a borrowed video-tape damages a customer’s video cassette player/recorder, the Library is not liable for compensation
Library´s cd-roms
  • The Loan-period for a CD-ROM is fourteen days
  • The overdue fee: see fees
  • For copyright reasons, not all of the library’s CD-ROMs are borrowable.
Newspapers and periodicals

Kokkola city libraries lend single copies. However, the most recent issue is for reference use only.

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