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Library card

To obtain a library card and the right to borrow items from the library, the applicant should present an identification card and give his address. Once the borrower's identity has been verified he may check the information held in the register about himself.

The library card must always be presented when items are borrowed or if the library staff wish to check borrowing rights.

The right to borrow items from the library can also be given to a child below the age of 15 or to an institution or corporation, provided they obtain the written consent of a guarantor, who should be an adult with the right to borrow from the library.

The library card is for the personal use of the borrower. The bearer of the card is responsible for all items borrowed with his card. The guarantor is responsible for all items borrowed by the person or the corporation for which he is acting as guarantor.

Any change of name or address must be reported to the library without delay. Loss of a library card must be reported to the library immediately. The bearer or guarantor of a lost card will not be held responsible for misuse of the card once the loss has been reported.

Libray loans must be returned on the due date. When the library is closed loans can be returned to the after-hours book-drop, but at the user´s own peril. After the due date a penalty fee is collected for the loan until it is returned.

If you do not return overdue loans after three requests your borrowing rights are revoked until the items are returned or replaced. You are also required to pay a compensation fee if the borrowed material has been damaged.

Overdue loans will go to recovery proceedings three months after the due date. Collection charges are paid by the borrower. Unpaid fees remain in the borrower´s information and over 10 € of unpaid fees will lead to the loss of borrowing rights.

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