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Fees and user regulatios

The libraries and mobile library of the Kokkola City Library provide books, newspapers, magazines, audiovisual material, data bases and information network connections free of charge. Library staff can help with finding information and with using the library. The collections, services and public premises of the library are open to everyone willing to observe the library rules.

By signing a library card the library user undertakes to observe the library rules and loan periods, to return items borrowed, to pay any necessary fees as prescribed and to replace any damaged, lost or unreturned items belonging to the library. The Kokkola City Library has the right to restrict the quantity of items borrowed on any single occasion. The library can arrange for items to be borrowed from any other city library in accordance with the interlibrary lending rules.

Suggestions and comments regarding the material, activities and services of the library can be made to the library staff. If necessary the library director may also be contacted.

The library is not liable for any damage caused to a borrower's equipment by a recording borrowed from the library. Neither is the library responsible for damage caused to a third party by library equipment.

Any person who is disruptive or who disturbs library users may lose the right to use the library.

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