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Fees for overdue items

After the due date a penalty fee is collected for the loan until it is returned. Collection charges are paid by the borrower. Unpaid fees remain in the customer´s (borrower´s) information and over 10 € of unpaid fees will lead to the loss of borrowing rights. Items returned in the after-hours book-drop also accumulate penalty fees. No penalty fees are collected for children´s and teen´s materials, but overdue reminder expenses are collected as usual.

If the user has stated his/her email address to the database, an email reminder will be sent from the library when the due date of the loans draw near. Regardless of the email reminder you are still responsible for renewing and returning your loans, if you want to avoid collection charges. 

Fees for overdue items

    Item / week      0,50 €
    Maximum fee per item   5,00 €

Fees are not charged for overdue items that are on loan from the children´s department.


1. reminder 21 days after the due date
2. reminder 35 days after the due date
3. reminder and invoice 56 days after the due date

A reminder is sent on items reserved by another library user the day after the due date.

   Reminder expenses       2,00 € 
   Invoicing expenses       5,00 €

Overdue loans will go to recovery proceedings three months after the due date. Collection charges are paid by the borrower.

You are responsible for the material borrowed with your library card and the material borrowed with your child´s (under 15 of age) card. You are also responsible for any material borrowed with the lost or stolen card before the report of loss.

If you do not return overdue loans after three reminders your borrowing rights are revoked until the items are returned or replaced. You are also required to pay a compensation fee if the material has been damaged while loaned to you.

Unpaid fees over 10 € will lead to the loss of borrowing rights. Once every year a customer must pay in full all accumulated fees and fines, even if they have not yet reached the limit, in order to retain their borrowing rights. The yearly check for unpaid fines begins 1.3. (Kulttuuri- ja nuorisolautakunta 19.11.2013 § 94)

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