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Visual Arts and Handicrafts

For those interested in the visual arts, Kokkola offers art exhibitions and varied training in the visual arts.

The art exhibitions of the K H Renlund Museum on display at the elegant Roos House (Pitkänsillankatu 39) are based on the bequest of commercial counsellor Karl Herman Renlund. The collection consists of around 50 pieces from the turn of the 19th century, the golden age of Finnish art. Roos House also displays a large exhibition of the works of artist and professor Veikko Vionoja (1909-2001). The spiritual art of Vionoja is based on his childhood experiences in Ullava in Central Ostrobothnia. The museum has regular temporary exhibitions at its exhibition gallery (Pitkänsillankatu 26-28). You will find further information about Renlund’s permanent exhibition, the Vionoja collection of the museum and the temporary exhibitions on the museum’s website.

Veikko Vionoja’s summer home is located in Ullava. Taide-Vionoja, maintained by a private foundation, is open during the summer, when the master artist’s works are on view in authentic Vionoja surroundings.

Suntin Helmi -gallery (Pormestarinkatu 2) is maintained by the local artist organisation.

Temporary exhibitions are also regularly housed in the vestibule of the Kokkola City Hall (Kauppatori 5) and at the City Library (Isokatu 3).

Teaching of visual arts
Visual arts may be studied at Kokkolan seudun opisto and the Kokkola Art School for Children. The links on the right take you to the appropriate websites.

The hobby artists of Kokkola have organised themselves as the Kokkola Visual Arts Association. You will find contact information in the Kokkola register of organisations

The Central Ostrobothnia arts and crafts association TAITO Keski-Pohjanmaa offers information and training services, handles arts, crafts and materials and organises development projects, exhibitions and events to promote handicrafts. You will find further information about the TAITO courses of the Kankuri Arts and Crafts Centre and other services from the link on the right.

The website of Kokkolanseudun opisto also provides information on arts and crafts classes.

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