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Museums and Cultural Tradition

At the beginning of the 19th century Kokkola was one of the largest towns in Finland. The town was an important merchant shipping centre, enjoying a vibrant international trade. The main export article was tar, produced in the Central Ostrobothnia region. Successful trade made the town and its inhabitants wealthy bringing with it international influences. It provided the environment for a diverse and exceptionally high level of culture.

This rich cultural heritage can be found in Neristan, the old wooden centre of the town. We recommend you to stroll on the old narrow streets of Neristan with local guides or with a brochure, that you can get from the local Tourist Office.

The history of Kokkola is also displayed in the K.H.Renlund's Museum. The museum is located in a traditional merchant mansion, Roos-residence. It displays even a distinguished collection of Finnish art from the national romantic era. The art was collected by Karl Herman Renlund (1850-1908). You can enjoy even other museumsights and exhibitions in the museum quarters at the town center. From the web site of K.H.Renlund's museum You can find more information about the museum's services, exhibitions and current activities.  

We recommend you to visit also KIEPPI the natural historical museum of Kokkola. There is also lots of other local historical places and destinations in different parts of the town. More information about these destinations you can find from the links on the right of this page.

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