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The Öja Fishing Museum

The Fishing Museum is comprised of Alina’s cottage, boatsheds, smoke sauna, fyke/fish-trap and salt storage sheds, and a woodshed, as well as the furnishings and equipment related to each of these buildings.

The small cottage built by Mats Matsson Häggblom was originally situated at the Krokvik estate on the opposite shore of Gäddviken bay where there exists a fishing village still to this day. The cottage has been moved to its current location. Långö village, Gäddviken is a natural home for the cottage and fishing museum, since the coastline has been used as a harbour from ancient times and there are several boatsheds in the area.

Several interesting objects, which have been collected from Öja relating to fishing, can be found on display in the cottage: a frame for weaving nets, weighing scales, ice picks, gathering pegs (for nets), fish spears, wooden tubs for salted Baltic herring, a half firkin measure, juniper burbot hooks, ell sticks, etc.

Driving instructions to the Fishing Museum

The Fishing Museum is located in Öja near the fishing village of Långö about 15km from the centre of Kokkola. It can be reached by car from Kokkola along coast road number 749 towards Pietarsaari, then turning right towards Bodö.  Access to the museum can be gained by contacting the Cafe Bryggan, or by arrangement in advance from the K. H. Renlund Museum.



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