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Joni Virtanen, SkyScapes


9.2.2017 - 10.9.2017

Kuva: Joni Virtanen

Over the years, the Kokkola-born photographic artist Joni Virtanen has photographed various atmospheric phenomena. Through his photographs we can familiarize ourselves with meteors, northern lights, halos, illuminating night clouds and rainbows among other things. Connected to the exhibition is a workshop that deals with atmospheric phenomena.

I was born to be a watcher of the skies. The sky and celestial phenomena have always had a significant role in understanding my own place and my life. This mysterious and meaningful unexplainable relationship continues on. It is my wish that this exhibition would encourage people to observe the magnificent things up there above us. As a child I would lay down in snow, follow the slow motions of the northern lights, the organized chaos of snow flakes, and the movement of sunlight across the walls of my room. I felt and perceived what was and what was yet to come. The four seasons and their various phenomena became important to me. At school I would always choose a window seat so that from there I might observe the changes in the sky during the school day. I felt as if a part of me were connected to the vast and infinite space and its motions. Perhaps within us has been inscribed, as a heritage, an age old ability to interpret the nature for the sake of survival? Perhaps for us following the shapes and motions of clouds is as therapeutic as sitting around a campfire and gazing into the flames?

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