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Kieppi, Kokkola Museum of Natural History 

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The purpose of Veikko Salkio’s life’s work was to promote nature conservation and environmental education. Kieppi continues its founder’s work by spreading environmental knowledge through the hundreds of specimen in the collection. Salkio wanted to donate his collection to all interested in nature and animals. Future generations should have the chance to experience the variety of nature: “My aim is that the collection is still on display in the year 4999.” The City of Kokkola enabled the development of the Nature Collection and still finds it important.

Kieppi, Kokkola Museum of Natural History, consists of three eminent collections that are based on persistence and ability to cooperate: Veikko Salkio´s Natural History Collection, Viljo Nissinen’s Mineral Collection and Armas Järvelä’s Butterfly Collection.


Veikko Salkio´s Natural History Collection

The Veikko Salkio (1912 - 2006) Natural History Collection is a nationally valuable natural science collection. It is the result of his life’s work and consists of the following categories: Finnish mammals and birds, Traditional Hunting Culture, Fossils, Foreign Specimens, Scientific Collection and the Archive.

Veikko Salkio used to build small huts out of turf and wood. These huts he called Kieppi. Kieppi is a small hole in snow that galliforms overnight in.


Viljo Nissinen's Mineral Collection

The Viljo Nissinen (1914-2000) Mineral Collection is a significant collection in its field. The collection consists of over 1500 mineral specimens from all over the world. A visitor can also acquaint oneself with different rocks and their origin.

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Armas Järvelä's Butterfly Collection

The Armas Järvelä (1918-2002) Butterfly Collection consists of over 21 000 specimens including almost all Papilionoidea species encountered in Finland. It is a collection striving for perfection by a collector well-versed in the subject.

Kieppi, Kokkola Museum of Natural History
Installation: Marjut Järvimies / Photo: Joni Virtanen
Kieppi is based on cooperation. The importance of a large audience and children of all ages for the development of Kieppi is continuous and inspiring. We can introduce the Finnish nature and the world’s minerals to our guests from all over the country and the world. It is also important for researchers that the collections are available online.

Photo: Joni VirtanenPhoto: Joni VirtanenPhoto: Joni Virtanen

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