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Veikko's Workroom

Veikko Salkio as a taxidermist

Veikko Salkio mounted his first bird, a Eurasian woodcock, when he was fifteen years old. He learned his skills from a guidebook by K. E. Kivirikko called The Mounting and Preserving of Animals (Eläinten täyttäminen ja säilyttäminen, Helsinki 1924).

Later on he got a license to collect accidentally deceased conservated species, considering that in time they would be placed to a museum. It mwas important to him that no animal would be slain for his collection. He wanted his collection to be available to everyone interested in nature and animals. Also the future generations would have the chance to see the
diversity of nature.

Observing the shapes of nature inspired him. Every new species was a challenge. There were demanding parts in mounting, such as drawing the scalp of a bird over the head. After a completed work he said: “Once we had sailed around Kap Horn, the sailing was much easier.”

He enjoyed giving people advice on how to mount animals. He also liked to talk about nature. Many children sat in Veikko’s workroom and observed his work. Veikko’s peaceful presence created a safe and stress-free atmosphere. Breaks were important, a moment’s rest was refreshing.

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