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Viljo Nissinen

Veikko Salkio, another passionate collector wrote about Viljo Nissinen in 2002 as following:

Since the beginning of 1982 V.N visited our collection almost daily. He told us about his hobby as a mineral collector and showed us his collection that at that time fit into a small show case in his private residence. The following year he asked me to accompany him to the Vimpeli mine. Viljo knew his minerals and we never left a mine empty handed.

At our lodgings he told me about his life and that his hobby, collecting minerals hadn’t begun until he was in his seventies. He’d been a sailor in his youth and visited many big cities and now he thought it was a pity that he hadn’t been interested in minerals at that time.

Viljo’s collection of minerals and the pressing need for a bigger place for them grew rapidly. Luckily the city rendered assistance. The most impressive mineral collection in Finland could be admired in the lobby at the city hall. Viljo was content, in the beginning. But he found “rarities”, one more fascinating than the next, from his trips to Italy and Spain. Viljo chose only minerals to his collection that he had seen with his own eyes while other modest collectors order their specimens by mail and get whatever they happen to get.

When the walls at the city hall were covered with showcases containing minerals, Viljo asked the city to keep up with his collecting and provide him with a spacious room, big enough to fit his collection. Finally the city accepted his proposition and started building a new construction that could hold the collections collected by the two war veterans Veikko and Viljo.

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