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Secrets of the scalewings


Secrets of the scalewings -workshop; Marianne Kaustinen, Metamorphosis, mixed technique


Kieppi, Kokkola Museum of Natural History is organizing an exhibition and workshop on butterflies in collaboration with visual artist Marienne Kaustinen. In the workshop we will have a look at the diversity of butterflies: on display are Finnish microlepidoptera such as prominents, plume moths, hiding bagworm moths and ghost moths whose larval form remains underground. The highlights of the foreign specimens are Asian lepidoptera. Marianne Kaustinen depicts the metamorphosis of the butterfly from an egg to an imago. What happens in the different phases of metamorphosis? Folding an origami butterfly requires concentration, but the final result is worth it.

We will take a closer look at the developmental phases of butterflies and their diversity through Armas Järvelä’s Butterfly Collection and Marianne Kaustinen’s exhibition.

  1. Collecting and Studying with the Hemulens (day-care, preschool, classes 1-3)
  2. The Wonderful World of Butterflies (classes 1-6, upper comprehensive school)
  3. Customize a desired workshop from the following modules (in addition to a tour of Armas Järvelä’s Butterfly Collection):
    Hemulen: The collector of the Moomin Valley
    Metamorphosis: The development of butterflies (egg-larva-chrysalis-imago)
    Under the Loupe: Studying of insects
    Origami Butterfly; different options
    Please note that the duration of each section will be at least 15 min

“The exhibition METAMORPHOSIS depicts the four developmental phases of butterflies from an egg to an adult imago with three-dimensional works. In the works on display I have used pieces of driftwood polished smooth by the sea and the mineral biotite that I have found in the nature. Old graphic prints have also found a new purpose in inchworms.” 

Visual artist Marianne Kaustinen 1.3.2018

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