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In its capacity as the capital of the music province of Central Ostrobothnia, Kokkola offers a wide variety of first-rate concerts – classical as well as folk and popular music, and music education ranging from music playschools for babies to vocational training.

The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra is one of the leading chamber orchestras in Finland and an ambassador of Finnish music internationally.  The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Kokkola Orchestra gives several concerts in Kokkola annually, for example in the Snellman Hall (Vingenkatu 18) and the churches of the city. You will find further information about the concerts and performances of the orchestra on the orchestra’s website and in the events calendar.

The Music Department of the Centria University of Applied Sciences and the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory arrange a variety of concert activities, mainly at the premises of the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory (Pitkänsillankatu 16). Further information about the concert activities can be found on the websites of both these educational institutions.

Musical events
There are musical events and concerts in Kokkola to suit many different tastes. The Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival (a member of Finland Festivals) offers a variety of musical experiences every year in February. The Ullava Visual Arts and Music Week is held in June and the Lohtaja Church Music Festival normally from the latter part of July through the beginning of August. The Scandinavian Blues Party takes place in October. The musical events and concerts in Kokkola can be found in the events calendar.

Music education
Music education for children is available in Kokkola at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, Kokkolanseudun opisto and the Performing Art School of Kokkola. You will find further information about music education on their websites (see links).

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