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Residence Program and Application

Artistic programme
The programme aims at encouraging open and unbiased interaction between different fields of art through contact with the cultural institutions of the region. Contact between the artists and the local public is encouraged.To this end applications which offer concrete artistic or/and public production in connection with or after the residency are favored. Forms of production could be a work of art, a public performance or an open lecture.

For the moment we cannot offer working space for painters and sculptors.

Application deadline is once a year, 30th of September. Write a letter in your own words and state the preferred time and lenght of residency, a plan for residency projects and productions during and after the stay. Also enclose your cv or description of your artistic work, recommendations, if any, and information of your partner organisation, if any.

The application can be sent by e-mail or letter to the residence secretary, whose contact can be found in the right margin. Information about the residency is provided by the secretary. The application and the attachments are not returned.

Descision on the accepted applicants is taken by the board of the residence.The accepted guest artist will recieve a formal invitation.

The artist pays no rent (no rent, electricity, water) for the residence.

The possibility to send in an application is cancelled for the moment.

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