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Introduction in English

Kokkola Art School for Children and Youth was founded in 1982. The teaching languages are Finnish and Swedish. The school follows the curriculum for the comprehensive studies in visual arts. The education is basic education in visual arts based on Finnish laws and decrees. The students will receive a certificate for completed core studies as well as completed advanced studies. At the end of their studies students can submit a final assignment which will be graded.

The deadline for applying to the art school is in April. Children can apply at the age of 7 or 8. The students are annually drawn by lot for the preparatory studies (at the age of 6 years). When admitted to the actual studies, the students may stay enrolled until the age of 20.

The tuition fee for preparatory studies is 95 € and for the actual studies 115€ for 2 hours per week and 175€ for 3 hours per week. Guardians can apply for exemption from tuition fees on economic grounds.

The aim is that the students will have a strong foundation for visual arts as well as many other fields of education. The most important thing is, however, that they will get bold creativity, the richness of visual expression and reception of art in their lives.

Further information: Director Aija Isosaari 044 7809526

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