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Länsipuisto Comprehensive School

Kokkola, Finland

Torikatu 41A, 67100 Kokkola, Finland
+358-40-806 5159 (school office)

Headmaster   Riitta Liias-Lepistö 


Deputy Headmaster Jarmo Rasmus


 Länsipuisto (Westpark) Comprehensive school is an average size Finnish comprehensive school with 300 pupils of ages 13 to 16 on roll, and 25 teachers.  The school  is situated in the same premises as Kokkolan Yhteislyseon Lukio (Upper Secondary School),  alongside one of the many atttractive parks in the centre of Kokkola.  The school is a typical Finnish school of its kind, giving a special emphasis to English and Swedish immersion teaching.

The upper secondary school, specialising in sports and science, affects our comprehensive school, bringing awareness of scientific and environmental questions.  Founded in 1898, as the first Finnish speaking Grammar School in the area, the school respects the traditions of the past, while looking steadfastly towards the future. Address and telephone number:  

Comenius project 2007-2009

Länsipuisto school participated in a EU Comenius project between three schools. The coordinating school was a German vocational school Die Beruflichen Schulen Rendsburg – Gewerbe, Technik, Landwirtschaft. The third participant was a comprehensive school, MEV Ozel Ankara Ilkogretim Okulu from Ankara, Turkey.

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