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Erasmus Ankara

A Week in Ankara

Taking part in the Erasmus+ project of 2019, four students from Länsipuisto school, Senja Kivinen, Henni Kinnunen, Camilla Myllymäki and Jenna Nykänen, travelled to Ankara, Turkey 24.3- 30.3. Also two teachers Tarja Roslund and Päivi Iivonen came with us. The weather   in Ankara was great for the whole week.

We met our host families at the school. After that we went to our own host families homes. We met the other Erasmus students every day at school. We had a lot of different activities every day.

 On Monday we played icebreaker games, basketball and visited at a historical monument. We walked from school to shopping center and we went shopping. On Tuesday we played Quidditch the whole day, and we had a Quidditch tournament. After that we went to a bigger mall.

 On Wednesday we went to Cappadocia and we stopped for a moment at the salt lake. In Cappadocia there were fine stone buildings. On Thursday we went to an old village and orienteering, and to take photos. We made our group presentations. We also ate good food at the final dinner and we played truth or dare-game. We got to know each other better.

On Friday we went shopping for food supplies for the afternoon cooking.  Then we presented our presentations, and then we cooked Turkish food and we ate it together. We said our goodbyes and we went to pack our things at our host families.

Overall it was an amazing experience, the best part was getting to know new people and a new culture.


On behalf of the Finnish group,

Henni & Senja 9A

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