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Erasmus Kokkola

Erasmus+ visit to Länsipuisto school

Kokkola (23. – 29.9.2018)

Altogether 50 guests arrived on Sunday night to Kokkola. They were from Austria, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

On Monday we went to the Hotel Nukkumatti to meet our guests. Together we walked to the city hall for the opening ceremonies. At the city hall the mayor of Kokkola, the Finnish project coordinator and the principal of our school gave a welcome speech, we watched a video of Kokkola and enjoyed Iida and Emilia´s music performance. After the welcome ceremony we went to our international groups and introduced ourselves with our coats-of- arms. We Finnish students taught our groups a dance called Letkajenkka. Every group got to perform on the stage in the marketplace. After the performances we danced together in one big line. In the afternoon we went city orienteering in the international groups using an app called Seppo.


On Tuesday morning we took the guests to the camping place. There we hopped onboard m/s Jenny. The trip to Tankar, a small island with a lighthouse, took almost two hours. On Tankar we split into two groups. The other group went to the nature path and the other group went with a guide, and then we switched. We visited the sealing museum and the old church and enjoyed the nature on the island. We also tasted sea buckthorn berries that grow wild on the island. On the way back to the mainland we danced Letkajenkka and the national dance of Turkey.


On Wednesday morning we were given instructions in the school auditorium and went in small groups to do school orienteering. On the check points there were posters with questions about Finland and Finnish customs and habits. The international students had to answer questions. After lunch we went to the youth center Elba with a bus. In Elba we tried traditional check point orienteering in the nearby forest. It rained a lot but it did not matter to us, because after the orienteering we went to sauna and swimming in the cold sea.


Thursday started in a stormy weather, our task was to first learn about geocaching and then try it out. The international groups went to find one cache and then came back to the school. After lunch we worked on the guidelines and planner and prepared the teaching sessions for the next day. In the evening we had our final dinner in Kokkolinna restaurant. There we had dinner and talked about the week.

On Friday morning we went into different classes in the school to introduce ourselves, the project and the talk about the guidelines. After the teaching sessions, we went scavenger hunting around the city for a while. After lunch we baked different Finnish desserts in international groups in the home economics classes. We used different Finnish berries for each dish. We set the tables in the school canteen and in the afternoon had the closing ceremony and tastes our desserts. In the evening we said goodbyes to our new friends who left on Saturday and travelled back home.

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