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Erasmus Kokkola 2

Erasmus+ meeting in Kokkola 29.4-3.5.2019


The topics of the meetings were Quidditch and photography. Our guests were from Austria and Germany. They were not able to attend the Erasmus+ meeting in Ankara, Turkey due to the political situation so it was decided that the Finnish partner would arrange an additional week for the Austrians and Germans and follow the program of the visit in Ankara as closely as possible. The guests arrived to Kokkola late on Sunday evening.

On Monday some of the Länsipuisto school students went to pick up the guests from the hotel Nukkumatti. The opening ceremony started the week. We were put in international groups named according to the four houses in the Harry Potter books. As the ice-breaking activity we decorated our own brooms using the colors of their houses. This was followed by a photography workshop. After lunch the students went photo hunting in international groups.


Tuesday was a Quiddich day. In the morning we learned how to play Quidditch step by step. After lunch we had a Quidditch tournament between the houses. The winner of the tournament was Slytherin. Later in the evening we went to Palmapirtti (a recreational cottage outside Kokkola) to spend time together. We went to sauna and had a swim in the sea and had some traditional Finnish 1st of May food.


On Wednesday we left at 10 o’clock to Pietarsaari by bus. There we went to the artic museum called Nanoq and had a guided tour there. Our guide was the founder Nanoq, mr Pentti Kronqvist. From Nanoq we went to the nearby beach Fäboda where we had a packed lunch. The weather was cold and rainy, so we sat under the roof of the coffee house. Some of us went for a walk on the cliffs and in the nearby forest.

On Thursday morning we were on guided tour and saw three of Kokkola’s museums. After that we had lunch and then we prepared our guidelines about Quidditch and photography using photocollage and comic. In addition, we prepared a teaching session for the next day. In the evening we had a final dinner at Sällskapsklubben.

On Friday morning we presented ourselves and our guidelines in classrooms for other Finnish students. After lunch we started cooking Turkish dishes with a Finnish twist. When the food was ready, we had a closing ceremony where we tasted the dishes we had prepared. Some of the students had practised singing a nice song together and performed to the others. That ended the official part of the visit. In the evening some of our students spent time with guests.

On Saturday guests left to their own countries.


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