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Erasmus Wien

A Week in Vienna

Taking part in the Erasmus+ “Outdoors in Europe” -project of 2017, eight students and two teachers from Länsipuisto school travelled to Vienna on 14.5.2017.

We stayed in a nice hostel near the school that we visited every day. During our time in Vienna we had lots of activities to do every day. For example, we walked around the city on a scavenger hunt, cooked historical Austrian food, went shopping a lot, spent time with our new friends and played Flag Football.

The weather in Vienna was great for the whole week. It was over +20 degrees Celsius every day. For us the highlight of the trip was the Flag Football tournament on Friday, and the final dinner when all students from the other countries gathered together and ate good food.

On the last night all students had very mixed feelings, we had had such a good week but everybody was also sad about leaving, and possibly never seeing each other again. Luckily, we are able to stay in touch through social media!

Our Finnish students: Milja, Minja, Neea, Salla, Roosa-Maaria, Mona, Ella, Laura, and our Finnish teachers: Johanna and Merja. We would like to thank all the students and the teachers and recommend Erasmus+ for everyone.

On behalf of the Finnish group,

Ella & Laura 9B







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