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Aiming to start distribution of school meals in Kokkola after Easter


The start of the school meal distribution to students in basic education, who are in distance teaching, will be delayed. The need for school meals was far greater than anticipated and plans must be reappraised. Additional time is also needed for the delivery of raw materials. Students’ guardians will be informed in more detail via Wilma.

”The professionals estimated that the need for school meals was approximately 250 portions per day. Based on this we decided prepare to make approximately 400 meals. The first survey was answered by 620 families with a total of just under 1 200 students”, says Director of Swedish Education Services Ronnie Djupsund. As a result, the preliminary plans need to be changed completely.

”Our school kitchens are designed for eating in the cafeteria. The cook & chill method used for the safe preparation of meal portion requires packaging machines and considerably much larger cooling facilities than our normal food production. Based on our estimations the distribution of meals was prepared for a maximum of 400 students and for which the existing packaging and cooling capacity would be sufficient”, says Jutta Koivuniemi head of the division of the City’s cleaning and food services.

In order to make the meal distribution work for a large number of students, the start of distribution must be postponed. Changes are also taking place in distribution times and places so that hygiene instructions and instructions on gatherings can be taken into account. The distribution days will probably also be staggered.

Djupsund continues, ”We are naturally very sorry that we can’t start the distribution according to plan. But the need for school meals exceeded all our estimations. The ordering of raw materials and practical arrangements require more time. The goal is to give more detailed information on the distribution to the guardians before Easter and start the distribution after Easter.”.

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