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Activities of the City of Kokkola during the coronavirus epidemic


For the time being no coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Central Ostrobothnia. According to Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) and based on experiences from other countries the spread of the epidemic is likely. 

The City of Kokkola is taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The City encourages everyone to follow guidelines issued by the authorities and to play their part in preventing the spread of the epidemic, especially to the elderly population and risk groups. Good hand hygiene, rational preparedness and avoidance of public events help to protect against the disease.

Town Hall and regional offices

The City recommends the use of e-services. The customer services counters are open, but it is recommended that contacts are primarily made by e-mail or phone. We recommend postponing non-urgent matters to a later date. The Kokkolan Vesi customer service attends to customers only by phone or e-mail. Kokkolan Energia will notify later of any changes to their customer service.

The City restricts travelling for work due to the epidemic. Employees are not to travel abroad for work and travelling for work within the country is also restricted. The head of department will outline necessary travelling for work.

The City has decided that all city employees who are returning from abroad shall inform their supervisor of the situation and stay at home for a week. These employees will primarily work from home. If an employee has a person returning from abroad in their immediate circle, the possibility of working from home will be assessed in cooperation with the supervisor.


The City and Kokkolan Vesi will not receive visitors at any of their offices. The aim is to postpone agreed visits together with the organiser to a later date. The reliability of remote connections in different services is currently being tested.

Larger internal educations and gatherings are organised primarily by means of remote connections. Only necessary gatherings will be arranged. Internal meeting with over 10 attendees shall be avoided or arranged by means of remote connections. The City Board’s and City Council’s meetings are arranged normally. The meeting schedules of the boards will be modified as necessary.

Schools and pre-primary education

All trips abroad for school pupil and employees are cancelled for the spring semester. With regards to homeland travel, the schools have also cancelled visits, class trips and camp schools. The schools and units for pre-primary education will inform guardians and pupils about the situation in their own school/day care via Wilma or Päikky.

Students returning from a trip abroad shall contact the school and stay at home for a week. If a student returning from a trip abroad is to participate in the matriculation examination, they are to contact the school’s principal to ensure participation in the matriculation examination through special arrangements.

Sports facilities, library and youth facilities

At the time being, no organised activities are organised at the City’s sports facilities, libraries or youth facilities. The facilities will stay open, but it is recommended that their use be avoided. All organised sports events are cancelled for the weekend. Sports clubs have also recommended that training and competitions should be restricted. The decision will be updated in accordance with the guidelines from the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI).

The City’s services

Changes in the opening hours and availability of City services and activities may occur in the next few weeks. We will inform about changes and current issues on our website and on our social medias.

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