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Update on the coronavirus epidemic 15.3.2020


A second viral infection has been confirmed in Central Ostrobothnia. Those infected are, according to Soite, quarantined at home and in good condition. Those who have been in close contact with the patients show no symptoms, but they are in quarantine. 

The City of Kokkola board of directors will meet early on Monday morning to discuss further measures to control the spreading of the epidemic and to protect risk groups. On Monday, advance information will also be available on possible guidelines prepared by the Finnish Government.

As the epidemic spreads in our country many have had questions concerning, for example closure of schools and day care units as a proactive measure. At the time being all schools and day care units in Kokkola will operate normally and in accordance with ordinary legislation. Under the legislation, schools and day care units may be closed by a decision of the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) or an authority in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act. The municipal body referred to in section 58 of the Communicable Diseases Act is the Department for Individual Affairs working under the Soite Board.

The City of Kokkola will report on the situation on Monday after the board of directors meeting. The press releases will be published on the City’s website and in social medias.

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