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Update on the corona epidemic 16.3.2020


The City of Kokkola board of directors met on Monday morning. Changes in different departments due to the coronavirus epidemic were discussed during the review of the situation. Measures will be taken to curb the spread of the epidemic throughout the city organization. At the same time, the city aims to secure services and smooth running of decision-making. We are waiting for the Finnish Government’s guidelines and we will act accordingly. The existing guidelines will be supplemented and amended as necessary. 

Schools and ECEC units

Schools and day care units are vital functions of society and must not be paralyzed without cogent reasons. The aim is to ensure normal everyday life for children and families. At the same time, we must ensure that parents are able to carry out important work in these exceptional circumstances. Guidelines have been drawn up for schools and ECEC units with the aim of curbing the spread of coronavirus infections. Families are reminded that only those who are healthy can participate in early childhood education and go to school.

Primary schools and upper secondary schools

At the time being all schools and day care units are open and will work in accordance with ordinary legislation. Education in both primary schools and upper secondary schools are held in compliance with the curriculum. Morning and afternoon clubs are open as usual. Schools will inform guardians and students of possible changes directly via Wilma.

Under the legislation, schools and day care units may be closed by a decision of the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) or an authority in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act. The municipal body referred to in section 58 of the Communicable Diseases Act is the Department for Individual Affairs working under the Soite Board. Students returning from abroad shall contact their school and stay at home for a week.

Early Childhood Education and Care

Day care units and other ECEC units are open as usual. Open ECEC (open family clubs, child clubs and playground activities) are cancelled as of Tuesday 17.3 and until further notice. Playgrounds will remain open as usual, but no organized or supervised playground activities will be arranged. Client families will be informed of any changes directly via Päikky or Wilma.

ECEC parent’s meetings, visits, parent’s evenings and all other field trips and events are cancelled until further notice. Cooperation between child groups will be cut back and the units will try to stick to their own home groups. 

Cleaning, especially in lunch rooms, will be intensified. The situation will also be taken into account in the menu planning. Schools and ECEC units will inform of possible changes directly via Wilma and Päikky. 

The City of Kokkola wishes that guardians of children in ECEC, who are working from home or otherwise can stay at home, would consider taking care of their children from home. If the child is cared for at home, a notification in Päikky will suffice

Swimming Centre Vesiveijari and other sports facilities

All organised events of the City's sports services have been cancelled. In order to limit the spread of the epidemic, the city has decided to close the Swimming Centre VesiVeijari from 17.3 to 31.3, as an additional measure. Repair work related to annual maintenance will be initiated during the closure. Other companies operating in the same building will decide their opening hours themselves.

Urheilutalo is open until further notice. School sports facilities are also open for school physical activities. Users of all sports facilities are reminded to exercise only when healthy and to maintain good personal hygiene

Kipparihalli and the ice rink is kept open in accordance with scheduled training. BestHalli’s season ends this week slightly earlier than planned.

Library and youth facilities

Libraries and youth facilities are kept open, but no events or organised activities will be arranged. The planned experiment of serving unavoidable food waste in youth spaces will be postponed to a later date.

Customer service counters

The City recommends the use of e-services. The customer services counters are open, but it is recommended that contacts are primarily made by e-mail or phone. We recommend postponing non-urgent matters to a later date. The Kokkolan Vesi customer service attends to customers only by phone or e-mail. Kokkolan Energia will notify later of any changes to their customer service.  

Changes in the opening hours and availability of City services and activities may occur in the next few weeks. We will inform about changes and current issues on our website and social medias.

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