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Update on coronavirus epidemic 17.3.2020


City of Kokkola services during the coronavirus epidemic

In accordance with the Finnish Government’s guidelines, the City of Kokkola will start providing e-services and services via phone or e-mail in order to curb the spread of coronavirus epidemic. Link to the Finnish Government’s guidelines.

Changes in our customer services to be taken into account:

The City Hall customer service desk is closed as of Wednesday 18 March. Contact us 

  • by phone on weekdays from 8 to 16, tel (06) 828 9111
  • via e-mail
  • all our sectors also serve during the epidemic. Check our contact information on our web page 
  • There may be delays in response times, but we will try to respond to messages as soon as possible.

ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) customer service point at City Hall is closed as of Wednesday 18 March 2020, due to the corona epidemic. Contact us

  • via e-mail:
  • by phone Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9 to 11, tel. 040 806 5089
  • If you are suddenly employed or enrolled in school submit an ECEC application electronically and write sudden employment/enrolment in the additional information box on the application. Link to electronic application (Note! requires identification with Bank ID):

ECEC units (city day care centres and other day care units)

  • Kokkola ECEC and pre-primary units are kept in operation. 
  • If parents and guardians can arrange the childcare at home, they shall do so. If the child stays at home, this should be informed via Päikky. 
  • The City will prepare to cut back on day care units, when necessary, in accordance with the need for day care. Guardians will be informed separately via Päikky and Wilma.

Schools and educational establishment 

  • Contact teaching in schools in Kokkola will be suspended on 18 March 2020. 
  • School facilities for grades 4–6, 7–9 and upper secondary education will be closed. 
  • Teaching for students in grades 1–3 will continue for children of parents working in sectors critical to the functioning of society. 
  • Contact teaching will continue to be arranged for pupils who require it according to a decision on special-needs support and whose parents and guardians are not able to arrange childcare at home.
  • All teaching staff for students in grades 1–3 are present in their own schools until Friday 20 March 2020. By this date, parents are requested to notify via Wilma if the child will participate in distance learning or equivalent education from home. As of Monday, 23 March, the City can, if necessary, cut back on school units and organize teaching in only part of the units. Guardians are informed directly via Wilma.
  • Schools will give students and guardians instructions via Wilma.
  • The matriculation examinations will be carried out by 23 March 2020 according to the condensed schedule published on 13 March 2020, taking into account the instructions issued by the health authorities.
  • All classes at Kokkolan seudun opisto will be suspended.

Museums, libraries, hobby and leisure centres as well as equivalent facilities

  • All City museums, libraries and mobile libraries, hobby and leisure centres, the swimming centre and other sports facilities, as well as the youth centres will be closed. 
  • The City advises other parties to follow the Government’s guidelines.

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