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Kokkola prepares for gradual lifting of corona restrictions


The City of Kokkola prepares for gradual lifting of corona restriction in accordance with the guidelines announced by the Finnish Government on Monday evening. Restrictions will be gradually abolished and eased in consideration of instructions given by different authorities, which will be specified according to information on the epidemic. Emergency restrictions are in force until 13 May.

Restrictions on gatherings

The restrictions on gatherings will be eased from 10 people to a maximum of 50 people as of 1 June and until further notice. The situation will be reassessed by the end of June. Large public events with more than 500 people are prohibited until 31 July 2020.

The restriction on gatherings of up to 50 people applies not only to public gatherings but also to events organized by private and third-sector operators, to cultural, recreational, exercise and sports events and to religious events.

As concerns indoor spaces and enclosed outdoor spaces, such as amusement parks, zoos, libraries and cinemas, safety will be ensured by limiting the number of visitors, ensuring safe distances and providing guidance on personal hygiene.

In accordance with the Government’s guidelines, national and municipal museums, theatres, cultural venues, libraries, mobile libraries, hobby and leisure centres, swimming pools and other sports facilities, youth centres, clubs, organizations’ meeting rooms, rehabilitative work facilities and workshops will be opened in a gradual and controlled manner as of 1 June.


Library book return slots have already opened in Kokkola, and the borrowing of books and other material is prepared. The aim is that i.e. the borrowing of reserved material could start as soon as possible. The libraries open at the beginning of June.


The museums in Kokkola will open at the beginning of June.

Schools and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

According to the guidelines, contact teaching will resume in basic education starting on Thursday 14 May. Also ECEC units will continue to operate normally. For example more detailed hygiene guidelines and food arrangements will be taken into account in the activities. School and unit specific information on the practical arrangements will be sent directly to guardians via Wilma and Päikky.

Upper secondary schools and vocational schools will mainly continue with distance teaching until the end of the semester.

Sports facilities

In line with the Government's guidelines, outdoor sports and recreational facilities will be opened as of 14 May, subject to the restrictions on gatherings. The swimming centre VesiVeijari, Urheilutalo and gyms in sports facilities will open at the beginning of June. Information on the opening hours and possible special arrangements will be given at a later date.

Clubs and organizations are responsible for following the restrictions on gatherings in their own activities

City customer service points

Customer service at the Kokkola city hall and regional offices continues by phone and via electronic channels. The city hall customer service point will open with some restrictions at the beginning of June. The City still recommends using e-service.

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