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Business subsidies to reduce the impact of the corona epidemic


The sudden change in everyday life has changed the operating condition of many sectors. It is still hard to estimate how long or permanent the effects are, but it is clear that they are extensive. 

Subsidies to single-person entrepreneurs will be channeled through municipalities

On Friday 27.3, the Finnish Government decided to grant 2 000 € to single-person entrepreneurs in addition to the business subsidies already decided. The aid is channeled through municipalities. If the business has a tax debt or has had financial difficulties before the corona epidemic, the subsidy cannot be granted. The Government's subsidy decision and instructions will be received by Easter. The City of Kokkola will carry out the processing of subsidy applications in cooperation with Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy, KOSEK. Further information on the matter will be provided once the instructions have been completed.

Flexibility in payments

The Group and Urban Development Division (konserni- ja kaupunkikehitysjaosto) has decided that additional time for payment may be granted for April and May rentals of premises owned by the city. As a rule, additional time is granted in such a way that the rent is paid in full during 2020. The tenants must agree on this separately with either the City of Kokkola or the subsidiary company that owns the property. The decision only applies to properties owned by the Kokkola City Group.

A payment plan is drawn up with the tenant if the granted additional time for payment is longer than 2 months. The city will grant additional time for payment for a maximum of 12 months. The primary objective is that payments would be up-to-date at the end of 2020

The City recommends that City subsidiary companies will engage in an open dialogue with their tenants about possible rental arrangements. It is important, that also companies and entrepreneurs operating in premises owned by Kokkola City Group and subsidiary companies are supported by offering flexible arrangements.

Kokkolan Vesi and Kokkolan Energia will, if necessary, grant additional time for payment of invoices, if the customer does not have prior disruptions of payment and the customer contacts the invoice sender in good time before the due date of the original invoice.

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