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Update on coronavirus epidemic 9.4.2020


Restrictions on early childhood education and care (ECEC), primary and secondary education and vocational education and training extended until 13 May

The Government will continue to impose restrictions on contact teaching at all levels of education. This means that the exceptional arrangements for education will be extended until 13 May.

A clarification to the decree will be made so that pupils in education preparing for basic education have the right to receive contact teaching. Pupils in preparatory education are pupils in basic education who have an immigrant background. The focus in their education is on studying Finnish and Swedish, and on providing skills for pre-primary or comprehensive school education. 

Webinar on coronavirus support for single-person entrepreneurs Wednesday 15 April

The City of Kokkola and KOSEK will organize a Webinar on the Government issued coronavirus support for single-person entrepreneurs, on Wednesday 15 April at 9:00. The Webinar is free of charge.  ”During the Webinar, we will examine both how to fill out the electronic application as well as give practical instructions on how to apply.”, says Development Director Jonne Sandberg. “We will also go over required application enclosures and matters related to payment. We will also answer the entrepreneurs’ questions.”

The first 100 to sign up will be able to join the Webinar, the recording can also be watched after the event. Sign up via KOSEK’s website

Exceptional circumstances are also in force during the Easter holiday

The City of Kokkola reminds that the restrictions on movement and gathering, due to the exceptional circumstances, are also in force during the Easter holiday. The aim of the restrictions is to curb the spread of the epidemic and to protect against infections.

”We hope everyone in Kokkola will acknowledge the existing guidelines and comply with them during Easter. It is the best way to protect yourself, people close to you and your own living environment. You should also read Soite's instructions, which have been distributed to homes this week.”, says Mayor Stina Mattila.

”In spite of the exceptional circumstances, on behalf of the city, I would like to wish everyone the best Easter possible. I firmly believe that, even in uncertain circumstances, the people of Kokkola will find the courage with which previous generations built their lives in this region. Together we’ll manage.”

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