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Update on the coronavirus epidemic 20.3.2020


Update on Friday 20.3.2020. (The following subejcts added at 17.20: The City of Kokkola invites all trade union representative to a briefing in accordance with the act on co-operation, Clarification of organizing contact teaching for the youngest students during exceptional circumstances and City veterinary services during the corona epidemic)

The City of Kokkola invites all trade union representative to a briefing in accordance with the act on co-operation 

The objective of the Co-operation procedure is to discuss matters related to the reduction of work at the City of Kokkola and within the areas of responsibility, whose functions have been closed or modified in accordance with the Finnish Government’s restrictions, 16 March 2020,  due to the coronavirus epidemic or to the reduction of work due to the repercussions of the changes described above. The objective of the Co-operation procedure is to establish a common picture of the situation and find the best and most appropriate means to ensure the livelihood of the personnel.

The Finnish Government has made amendments to the guidelines, 19 March 2020, due to the situation. The City Board will discuss the matter on 23 March 2020.

Clarification of organizing contact teaching for the youngest students during exceptional circumstances

In the future (as of 23.3.2020), all students in grades 1–3 in primary education will also be able to receive teaching as contact teaching, if necessary. Due to the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus, contact teaching was initially limited to the students of parents working in sectors critical to the functioning of society. However, the clarification of the recommendation does not mean that it is mandatory to go to school, it is still strongly recommended that also students in grades 1–3 participate in distance teaching, if possible. (Amendment to the of decree 20.3.2020)

If your child has participated in distance education and will be attending contact teaching as of Monday, please contact the school’s principal or your child’s classroom teacher via Wilma.

City veterinary services during the corona epidemic

Emergencies concerning livestock are treated primarily. Urgent pet related cases are referred to a private veterinarian, if necessary. If this is not possible, the animal is treated after emergency livestock visits. The aim is to carry out health care visits in accordance with the guidelines of the national health care programs.

Veterinary clinics for small animals in the area of environmental health care in Central Ostrobothnia are still open. Hygiene guidelines issued by the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL) are taken into account at the Veterinary clinics. The number of people visiting the Veterinary clinics are reduced in order to avoid contacts and only a person without symptoms can bring the animal to the clinic. If possible, customers are instructed to wait outside.

Inspections are reduced to a minimum, but the following inspections are still carried out:

  • Inspections and visits to take samples due to suspicions and outbreaks of animal diseases to be combated.
  • Suspicion-based animal welfare inspections that are assessed as urgent and serious.
  • Veterinary checks required for exports and intra-Community trades.
  • Inspections where serious breach of legislation are suspected.

It is possible to combine Veterinary emergency districts if the situation requires it.

Building Control activities 

The City building control attends to customers via electronic channels as usual. Some of the building inspectors are working remotely, but they are available by means of email or phone. If you have already sent a permit application electronically, services can be continued via the e-permit service as usual. New applications are accepted via the e-permit service. Inspections by authorities must be agreed directly with the building inspector. 

Building inspectors (email format is

  • Chief Building Inspector Lindholm Niina, 040 8068 029
  • Building Inspector Pyykkö Martti, 044 7809 381
  • Building Inspector Flink Anders, 040 8068 222
  • Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava: Building Inspector Luokkanen Jani, 0500 890 349

Schedule change in bus route 8

Until further notice, only the scheduled departures at 7:30, 12:10 and 14:10, from the city centre, on route 8 (Kokkola – Kotkamaa) will be operated.

ECEC fees

March ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) fees are invoiced as usual. Board of Culture and Education (sivistyslautakunta) will discuss and decide on possible refunds of fees at the board’s next meeting.

Although the ECEC is operating as usual, the ECEC services requires families to notify the child’s need for ECEC until 13.4.2020. This way the city can arrange ECEC services for all children who need it. Families have been notified via Päikky.

Impact of the exceptional situation on the City’s personnel

Skill assessments are carried out at the moment in order to determine the possibility of temporarily transferring to other tasks, if the persons is temporarily unable to perform his/her work or if extra personnel is needed during the epidemic in other offices within the City Cosortium or Soite. Decisions on possible lay-offs or other measures are made by the City Board.

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