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Update on the corona epidemic 23.3.2020


The City of Kokkola will give an update on the situation on a regular basis every weekday. An update will be given during the weekend only if there are changes to the guidelines or the situation.

Soite will give an update every day. A new coronavirus case has been confirmed in Soite’s area, the case was confirmed on 23 March 2020. The infected person is employed by Soite. The case is not connected with the two cases of coronavirus that have previously been confirmed in Soite’s area. 

ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care)

The number of clients in day care units and other ECEC units will be updated in the next few days as families report the need for care by Wednesday 25 March. Decisions will then be made on the possibility of closing some units. Annual maintenance is carried out in units that may be closed down and planned repairs will take place earlier than planned. The staff will move to other units if necessary.

Contact teaching for students in grades 1–3

In accordance with the Finnish Government’s specified policy recommendations the youngest students in primary school are able to participate in contact teaching regardless of their parents’ occupation. However, the recommendation for containing the epidemic is that as many children as possible participate in distance teaching. The new policy recommendation came into force on Monday 23 March.

About 5 % of the students in grades 1–3 in Kokkola have signed up for and participated in contact teaching, i.e. the same amount as the average in Finland. There is no significant change in the number compared to last week. The majority of students in grades 1–3 continue to study at home.

Use of public areas during the corona epidemic

It is allowed to use of public areas such as play grounds, workout areas, skateboarding areas and lean-to, but the City recommends that you avoid using the most popular areas due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. There have been many users, especially at the skateboards areas (Hollyhaka, Isokylän and Kirkonmäki) and the most popular rest areas along the walking trails (Laajalahti, Hällskär).

Don’t forget the nationwide restrictions:

  • avoid meetings of more than ten people
  • keep a distance to other users
  • good hand hygiene
  • do not show up sick or if you are quarantined

The City Board will discuss adjustment of human resources

Employer representatives and trade union representative met on Monday 23 March under the co-operation act in relation to the coronavirus epidemic. The objective of the meeting was to find ways to ensure the livelihood of personnel in positions where work has decreased or will decrease as a result of the Finnish Government’s policy recommendation on 16 March. The City Board will discuss the matter on 23 March.

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