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The City of Kokkola’s layoff notice applies to a maximum of 322 employees


Co-operation negotiations launched by the City, at the end of March, due to coronavirus epidemic have progressed according to schedule. As a result of the negotiations on Tuesday 14 April, the layoff notice applies to a maximum of 322 persons.

The lay-off period for an individual employee is four weeks in general. Possible lay-offs will be implemented taking into account the units’ service needs and the annual holiday arrangements. 

- The layoffs apply to permanent employees and temporary substitutes for permanent employees. In the event of a change in the situation, the layoff notifice may be withdrawn. Employees who have been given a layoff notice may be assigned either their own work or other work. The lay-offs that have already begun may also be cut short, says Head of HR Eija Pienimäki.

- The City estimates that the lay-offs will continue until 31 July. When assessing the need for layoffs, the policies adopted by the Finnish Government and experts' current estimates of the timing of the epidemic peak have been taken into account, says Mayor Stina Mattila 

Background to the co-operation procedure

The Kokkola City Board launched the co-operation procedure on 23 March. The co-operation procedure applies to those tasks where work is significantly reduced or will cease due to restrictions and policies set on the whole country in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Already at the beginning of the exceptional situation, the City launched an employee competence inventory to examine in which tasks the employees’ skills can be used, if the work under the employment contract is ceased or significantly reduced due to the corona epidemic. Employee impacts were examined by line of work during the negotiations.

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