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Information on coronavirus

The website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) provides comprehensive information on the new coronavirus. Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Soite provides information on the situation in Central Ostrobothnia. Soite’s Corona Virus Site

Latest news

Soite starts distributing protection masks (27/08/2020)

Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite starts distributing facial masks to low-income households starting on Monday 31st of August. Read more...

Follow this advice if you have symptoms of the common cold:

  • If you have symptoms of the common cold, stay at home!
  • If you have severe trouble breathing and need help with your symptoms or if you suspect that you have a corona-virus infection, do not come to Soite's units - instead call first.

Soite’s advice line 06 828 7499

Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Soite’s advice line for suspected coronavirus infections is available every day 8-16 on 06 828 7499.

If you suspect that you have contracted coronavirus, you can ask for information and advice on the advice line. You will also receive further instructions, if the infection is probable. The telephone service doesn´t give general health advice.

Other times, call Soite’s on-call services: Soite's common emergency clinic (yhteispäivystys) phone 06 826 4500 outside of office hours.

Under 16-year-olds who are ill: Soite's paediatric emergency clinic (lasten päivystys) phone 06 826 4444 Open 24/7

Advice for the elderly on the coronavirus situation 06 828 7288

Persons who are over 70 years old can call the number if they have questions about the coronavirus situation. The helpline answers practical questions about the coronavirus situation such as "where can I order delivery of groceries" or "How can I get my medicine from the pharmacy".

Open during weekdays Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m

The helpline for psychological first aid: 06 828 7288

Soite has opened a helpline for psychological first aid. You can call the helpline if you are psychologically worried about the coronavirus situation and experience psychological symptoms such as anxiety because of the situation. The calls are taken by psychiatric nurses.

Open during weekdays Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Please do not call number 06 828 7288 if you suspect a coronavirus infection or need advice on treatment - Soite’s coronavirus helpline helps you with these questions, phone 06 828 7499. Calls are taken every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

National telephone service 0295 535 535

A national telephone service provides general information about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The primary target group of the service are those who are unable to access information on the Internet. Later on, the service will be gradually expanded to serve other groups as well.

The telephone advice service is open on weekdays from 8 to 21 and on Saturdays from 9 to 15. The service is currently available in Finnish and, where possible, also in Swedish and English. 

The national telephone service does not give health advice or instructions to callers who have acute symptoms.

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