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Covid - 19 Exceptional circumstances

Corona -19 has also effects in Kokkola.
Visit Kokkola`s  information on Covid-19

We travel together - safely

We clean and disinfect surfaces in our premises more efficiently with disinfecting cleaners & wipes. Always cover your mouth and nose while sneez or cough, remember your hand hygiene. Avoid touching surfaces when possible.

Wash your hands in all circumstances and use hand sanitizer.

Keep your distance. Minimize all contacts with other passengers and the staff. There is a lot of space onboard, so avoid crowd. We have also diminished the number of passengers onboard.

Let´s travel when we are healthy! Like we do. If a passenger onboard has symptoms, we will give him/ her a respirator mask and we will place him/ her in isolation whwn possible.

Flexible ticket sales policities. Stay homen if you or your partner has even mild symptoms. You can make changes to the schedule of a confirmed booking by phone.

When purchasing a ticket online, please use your own device. This way you speed up boarding and minimize the contacts with staff.

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