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Location-Passanger Terminal & the services on Tankar

The map below depicts the Sea park in Kokkola in closer detail. The passenger terminal located in the park serves as the departure point MS Jenny (add. Meritie 7). The map also shows the sights located on the Tankar lighthouse island. You can zoom the map by clicking +/- on your keyboard. Click any sight in the list to access it directly. The terminal locates 3 kilometres from the Railway- and the Bus station. There is no local bus connections to the Sea park area.

Tickets to MS Jenny are available from Kokkola Tourism Ltd, located in Kokkola City Hall.

Passanger Terminal´s Beach Café 
Meritie 7 (Vanhansatamanlahti)

Sales Office
Kokkola Tourism Ltd, Kokkola City Hall (Market Place 5),
Tel. +358 40 8065 075.

Lähtöterminaali Kokkolan Meripuistossa

Tankarin täynnä nähtävää

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