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The "Karikokous" meeting and Harbour regulations

The "Karikokous" meeting and Harbour regulations
The island of Tankar is divided in two in terms of ownership: the north is owned by the Finnish Maritime Administration, and the south by the City of Kokkola. Even today, the area owned by the City is governed in accordance with the autonomy of an old Ostrobothnian village. The village elder is equivalent to the harbour bailiff, and together with the council members they are responsible for maintaining order on the island. The Karikokous (Rock Meeting) convenes once a year on the last weekend of July, and is open to all who may be interested. At the meeting the various offi cials of the Rock Committee, or council, are selected.

Tankar’s first set of harbour regulations were accepted in 1726. By that time the fi shing community had grown so large that it was necessary to create rules for interaction between people. Amongst other things, the harbour regulations set down statutes about harbour bailiffs and members’ harbour rights, not observing the Sabbath, swearing and breaking others’ fishing equipment. Additionally theft, abusive language, fighting, gambling and drinking all had their own regulations. The current set of harbour regulations date from 1983, and its primary prescribed purpose is to protect Kokkola’s highly valued cultural environment and natural area.

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