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The seamark

Since around 1750 there has been a seamark on Tankar, paid for by the burghers of Kokkola. On top of this11-foot (roughly 3.5m) high stone landmark there was a barrel affixed to the end of a 20-foot (approx. 6m) pole.

In 1825 a wooden marker beacon was erected next to the stone landmark. It was painted red, in the form of a truncated pyramid, and at either end of the roof ridge there was a pole with a barrel as the main marker. The stone landmark has been preserved in the yard of the lighthouse community. It is also the demarcation point between the areas controlled by the State and the City.

A large number of stones from the landmark were used for foundation material in the construction of the lighthouse. Visitors to Tankar have made their contribution to the current dimensions of the seamark. The custom is that, when visiting the island for the first time, as large a stone as possible must be carried from the shore to the mound. Today this tradition is not longer in use.

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