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The bird station and Natura 2000

The bird station
Around forty bird species nest on Tankar, the most common of which are the house martin, willow warbler, red-breasted merganser and arctic tern. As well as these you can also see great cormorants and Kokkola’s municipal bird, the white-tailed eagle. In total almost 260 bird species have been observed on Tankar.

Tankar bird station was established in 1972 and a special Tankar Bird Station Committee, operating under the auspices of the Central Ostrobothnian Ornithological Society (, is responsible for its activities. The station’s main activities are placing identification rings on birds, counting populations, monitoring migration and various studies.

Tankar lighthouse, which on migration nights illuminates large numbers of birds, has a significant role in research work. A scenery upkeep plan has also been created for Tankar, with the bird station playing a central part as a facilitator and supervisor.

Natura 2000
The island of Tankar is situated in the outher archipelago of Öja in the south of the Bay of Bothnia, approximately 15 km north-west of Kokkola harbour. Tankar (20,8 hectare) is the most northerly wooded island in the Kokkola-Pietarsaari archiplelago and belongs to the Luoto archipelago´s Natura 2000 area.

The island´s geographical location in the outher archipelago adds its own stamp to its nature. As a result of the geological uplift, the island is still "growing".

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