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The lighthouse master´s house

Often a small community develops around lighthouses, the households of the Master of the Lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers. On Tankar, the Master and three keepers lived in residences constructed near the lighthouse. 

Life on the island was grim. Potatoes were cultivated in small plots cleared in depressions in the rock, soil had to be brought from the mainland. The stunted grass grown on the island was sufficient fodder for a single cow. With regards to fishing they were self-sufficient, and in winter went sealing.

The Master’s most important task was the upkeep of the lighthouse structures and maintenance of the equipment as well as ensure that the lighthouse keepers maintained the lighting properly. If the lighthouse had a fog bell, he was also to ensure that an audible signal was produced when visibility deteriorated. Masters of the Lighthouse were generally educated individuals and, in addition to their official duties, may also have acted as a teacher to the island’s children, as a legal and spiritual advisor, and even as a nurse.

The lighthouse master´s house is suitable for accommodation and meetings with it´s room for 6 persons, 2 x 5 persons room, 1 x 4 persons room and a meeting room for 14 persons.

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