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There´s a lot to see

Today, Tankar is, in terms of tourism, one of Finland´s most important lighthouse islands and one of the most popular tourist attraction in Kokkola. The island of Tankar is situated in the outher archipelago of Öja in the south of the Bay of Bothnia, approximately 15 km north-west of Kokkola harbour. In the 16th century, the island, which was raised out of the sea as a result of geological uplift, was known by the name Klippan (the Rock). Klippan is appr. 900 m long and 500 m wide.

The colourful history and operations on the island have left plenty of interesting sights for modern visitors to admire on the island. You can also get to know the island's sights virtually here on our website, but the best way to experience them is to take a boat to the island itself.

Lighthouse island Tankar on the map (N 63° 57,0´ E22° 51,0´)
Use the map below to check the exact locations of the sights (click on any Tankar sight and zoom in by clicking +).

Näkymää majakan loistosta
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There is a lot to see on Tankar


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