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The old fog-horn room and Kokkolan Meripelastajat ry

In 1977, the lifeboat society Kokkolan Meripelastajat ry was given use of the piloting station’s old foghorn room. The foghorn room was used to notify ships that passed by. The hatches at both ends of the building were opened, and the large foghorns were blown to warn approaching ships.

The cabin acts as a base for the men on duty and as accommodation for visitors. The association’s rescue vessel has its permanent station at Ykspihlaja. Through cooperation with the authorities, Kokkolan Meripelastajat ry strives to maintain and develop the readiness of volunteer sea rescue in the Kokkola archipelago and southern part of the Bay of Bothnia. The association’s primary task is to keep the rescue vessels in round-the-clock readiness during the entire sailing season. Another important activity is training related to sea rescue.

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