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The boat harbour

In the 1860s there were around 60 jetties on Tankar. There were three harbours owned by the crown, which were used by pilots. The remains of old jetties can still be seen when exploring near the eastern shore of the island.

Tankar still provides sailors with a harbour protected from the winds and a place to rest. The boat harbour is protected by a wave-break that shelters it. There are 15 berths, and the draught is 3 meters.

A harbour fee has been introduced for boats that stay overnight.  The harbour fee can be paid at the Tankar Café. You can book a berth in advance by calling the Tankar Café. Notice! There is not any petrol station services on the island.

If accommodation or sauna facilities are needed, please do not hesitate to contact us,

Harbour Fee €/ boat 

without electricity/ 1 night (22-06) 15€
with electricity/ 1 night (22-06) 20€
week without electricity50€   
week with electricity   75€

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