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Services on the island

Today’s Tankar is a diverse destination for tourists, offering unforgettable experiences of nature and samples of the old archipelago lifestyle to the visitor.

Walking Tour on the island
There is a walking tour around the island´s  sigts offered by the crew member after arrival. The walking tour is included in the price of the cruise ticket.

Café Tankar acts as a "base camp" for the island, from which the island´s services, such as accommodation or gatering can be ordered or booked. Opening times for the Tankar Café here.

Food services
Café Tankar offers for example salmon soup and other dishes by order.Check prices here.

Sauna (wood-heated)
The island of Tankar has three saunas intended for visitors use. Sauna is bookable for families and the cost is 20€/hour.

Please make your reservation at Tankar Cafe (tel. +358 41 545 3432 or email ). With extra payment: Towel 5 €.

Meeting/ meeting & sauna in the Pilot station
The former Pilot station now holds the Pilotti meeting premises (max 20 prs) that are open for reservation. You can also book the sauna for your guests to enjoy.
Price: 100€/ 1st hour, following hours á 40€. 

Organize a meeting in The Tower meeting room (max. 10 persons). 
Price: 100€/ 1st hour, following hours á 40€. 

You can also make an reservation for both of the meeting premises.
Price: 150€/ 1st hour, following hours á 60€.

The harbour
The boat harbour is protected by a breakwater that shelters it. There are 15 berths, and the draught is 3 meters. A harbour fees 15€/ night (at10pm-6am) wtihout electricity, 20€/ night with electricity. You can book a berth in advance by calling the Tankar Café cafeteria and restaurant at +358 (0)41 545 3432.

Tankar Church
The church is builded 1754. During the summer, the chapel is a popular destination for the weddings, concerts and devotional moments. There is a room for 80 persons in the church. Reservations, please contact Kokkola Tourism Sales Office +358 44 7809 713

Facilities for disabled person
A part of the trails on the island are suitable for those with impaired mobility. There is also a lavatories including a disabled toilet on the island.

Lavatories and waste recycling point
There is also lavatories next to the boat harbour. Also a waste recycling point for rubbish and refuse is locating near the harbour.

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The Tower for meetings!
The Tower for meetings!

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