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Season 2020

Timetables and prices directly at Booking Calendar

During summer 2020, M/S Jenny connects Kokkola with Tankar lighthouse island and Köpholmen in Luoto. We follow the instructions from the authorities. The implementation of traffic is carefully planned with the ship's commands and hygiene recommendations adapted to work best in M/S Jenny's conditions. Passenger and crew safety are the most important on board, even under normal conditions.

Scheduled traffic to Tankar started on June 10th and in July we will cruise every Thursday to Köpmanholmen! Super popular boat-bicycle route allows you to take a bike with you and cycle your way back to the city!

Responsible travel

Book your ticket in advance. We have restricted the number of seats in each departure to avoid crowds and to allow distance between the travellers. Once you have purchased the ticket, we can notify you if travel updates.

Stay home if you feel sick! Take personal responsibility and follow the prevailing guidelines for hand hygiene, coughing and keep distance. We allow flexible rebooking that everyone can feel safe when entering M/S Jenny.

We clean the boat and our premises with disinfectants and efficient disinfection detergents. We travel together only when we are healthy. Our staff also work only when they are fully healthy.

You can easily rebook your trip; it only requires a phone call.

We keep safety distance to each other. Remember to keep distance throughout the boat trip. We have reduced the number of passengers, so there is no need to rush to seats.

Remember hand and cough hygiene throughout the journey. Also avoid unnecessarily touching on surfaces. Use the hand disinfectant when offered.

The restaurant is closed during 2020.

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