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M/S Jenny

M/S Jenny

M/S Jenny was built in Holland in 1978 at the Foxhol Dockyard. M/S Jenny is one of the biggest archipelago cruise ships in Finland. The 177-seated vessel is as cozy on the inside as on the outside.

Length                    30 m
Width6 m
Displacement128 LTons
Engine capacity2 x 127 h.p.
Crew3 persons
Number of passengers carried 

177 persons

The best way to enjoy the fresh sea-air is on the sun deck of M/S Jenny's. The sun deck seats 35 people. A stunning sea view is guaranteed from the sun deck. Don’t forget your sunscreen and binoculars.

Covered deck
You can welcome friends and guests on the covered rear deck. You can also sit on the rear deck and listen to seagulls and the sounds of the sea, and take a break from the bustle of the city. There is two restrooms on board, unfortunatelly they are not suitable for disabled. There is a disabled toilet on the island of Tankar.

The boat has indoor salon with table seating for 74 people. Here you can enjoy the sea views through large windows. There is steep staircase leading to the salon, if necessary ask assistance from the personnel.

Passenger harbour
The home port of M/S Jenny is in the Meripuisto area in Kokkola (Meritie 7), just 2,5 km outside the city centre, at the end of a beautiful walking path. There’s is also a parking lot and a big beach in the area.

The history of our shipping company
Kokko Line has been operating since 1996. The company operates cruises in the archipelago with M/S Jenny and has restaurants on board the vessel and on the lighthouse island of Tankar.

The company’s first vessel was M/S Elbatar, which could accommodate up to a 100 people. The ship came to Kokkola from Rauma and it was used by Kokko Line Oy until 2002.

As the business grew and due to the increasing demand, a bigger vessel, i.e. M/S Jenny, was acquired for the company. The 177-seater M/S Jenny arrived in Kokkola on December 4th, 2001. Renovation of the vessel began immediately and after a lot of hard work the vessel could make its first cruise in the spring of 2002. M/S Elbatar was sold to Padasjoki to be used in Finland waterways and it is still in use.

M/S Jenny has made it possible to arrange different events and to experience the archipelago in new ways.

The shipping company will continue operating as part of Kokkola Tourism Ltd's operations and it will continue to carry passengers out to sea and the 7 Bridges Archipelago, both on scheduled cruises and chartered cruises.

Contact details - M/S Jenny

Tel. +358 40 8065075

ms jenny

ms Jenny

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