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Saturday 31st

Market Place

10.00.Sing-song with Mikko Alatalo, Venetian stage
11.00.The Singing Westside hoir from Ratingen on stage, Venetian stage
11.20.A welcome greetings from the town of Kokkola anf the town of Ratingen
11.30.Theater information by The Kokkola City Theatre
12.00.Suntin Soutu - The traditional rowing competition on the Sunti Channel. Master of ceremony: Jarl-Erik "Lalle" Broberg
12.00.-15.00. Children´s Saturday
     12.30.Magician Kari on stage, Venetian stage
     13.00.Maddaleena on Market Place
     13.15.Glitter tattoos and face paintings for children, The stone stage
     13.15.Samba el Gambo, Venetian stage
     13.40.Studio Dancement, Venetian stage
     14.00.Maddaleena, Venetian stage
     14.30.The presentation of the Ice Hockey Team Hermes, Venetian stage 
     14.40.Aero Dance, Venetian stage
     14.50.Soap Bubbles by Ruffle Army, The stone stage

Also on Market Place: "Police Day" - come and explore the police motorcycle and police car or just have a chit-chat about the police work.
15.00.Police Day - The auction of the lost property bicycles, The stone stage

18.00.Mc Kajo & Vicci, Venetian stage
18.40.Samba el Gambo, Venetian stage
19.30.Adi L Hasla, Venetian stage
20.25.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
20.45.Aurora, Venetian stage
21.30.Meijän joukkue -rap, The stone stage
22.00.Fin-Soul, Venetian stage
22.50.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
23.15.Evelina, Venetian stage
24.00.Caleidoscope Show

Masters of ceremonies:

Jonathan "Jontti" Granbacka and Emilia Näreaho

20.00.-23.00.Venetian Dance Fest, Snellman Hall. Jiri Tammilehto & Esperanza. Ticket 10€

We reserve the right to make alternations to the programme!

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