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Friday 24th 

Notice! This is the programme 2018, the programme for the 2019 will be published later.

Market Place

13.00.Strongman Champions League - Finnish Open, Kauppatorinkatu
18.00.The official opening and proclamation to announce the start of Venetian-excitement by the Mayor of Kokkola Stina Mattila, Venetian stage   
18.05.TONNIKEIJU & Roihu & MC Kajo/ "Kokkola"song, Venetian stage
18.15.The declaration of the winner for the Miss Kokkola competition, Venetian stage
18.45.Samba el Gambo, Venetian stage
19.00.The Presentation of the Venetian Drifting, Torikatu
19.30.Sami Heinonen & Mustaruukku, Venetian stage
20.15Meiju Suvas, Venetian stage
21.15.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
21.30Heroes Don´t Ask Why, Venetian stage
22.15.TONNIKEIJU & Roihu & MC Kajo, The stone stage
22.30.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
23.00.Jannika B, Venetian stage

  Masters of ceremonies:

Jonathan "Jontti" Granbacka and Emilia Näreaho

We reserve the right to make alternations to the programme!

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