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Friday 30th Aug 

Market Place

18.00.The official opening and proclamation to announce the start of Venetian-excitement by the Mayor of Kokkola Stina Mattila, Venetian stage   
18.15.Irina, Venetian stage
19.15.The declaration of the winner for the Miss Kokkola competition, Venetian stage
19.30.The Presentation of the Venetian Drifting, Torikatu
20.00.Aikakone, Venetian stage
21.00.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
21.20.Jesse Kaikuranta & Söderbacka-Matikainen Duo, Venetian stage
22.30.Taikatulet Fire Show, The stone stage
23.00.Jean S feat. Erika Vikman, Venetian stage

  Masters of ceremonies:

Jonathan "Jontti" Granbacka and Emilia Näreaho

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