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Company Information

Kokkola Tourism Ltd operates as a tourism-, congress- and event service developer, marketer, seller and provider in Kokkola.

Tourist Information - Kokkola Tourism Ltd 
Kokkola City Hall
Market Place 5, P.O.Box 43
Tel. +358 40 8065 075

Contact details for the staff.

Tourist Information Services by phone +358 40 8065 075, by email and by social media.

Kokkola Tourism Ltd is specialized in:
-          Tourist information services
-          Selling and providing tourism products
-          Selling and marketing Congress Kokkola
-          Event planning and production: The Venetian Night Festival
-          Group Travel
-          Regional tourism marketing

Services provided by Kokkola Tourism:

  • VisitKokkola Online -booking system

  • Travel services in the Kokkola and Central Ostrobothnia region
  • Booking for authorized guides
  • Brochures and maps of Finland 

  • Group travel and incoming

  • Program Services

  • Event Calendar

  • Archipelago Cruises on the m/s Jenny

Kokkola City Hall

Kokkolan kaupungintalon sisaankaynti

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